5 Surprising Ways Social Listening Can Boost Your Marketing

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Marketing needs to evolve to stay competitive. To remain competitive, marketers need to know what’s trending in the industry. One of the best ways to learn trending is by going online. Social media is very honest about what it wants, and thinks is the next big thing.

As a marketer, your job is to gauge how long these trends will last and how your business capitalizes on these trends. Social listening is the best method of using social media marketing to your benefit. Today, we’ll be discussing the core ways that social listening expands your brand.

Social Listening


What Is Social Listening?

It may appear as simple as scrolling through a social media feed. However, that underestimates the vast volume of content you’ll expose yourself to. Thousands of posts are made every second of every day. It’s an enormous amount of information. Social listening is knowing what posts to give the most attention to.

With proper social listening, you reap many social media marketing benefits.

Benefits of Social Listening

Social listening brings unique benefits to your business when done correctly, such as:

Know Your Competitors

All marketing strategies begin and end with public approval. This is exactly why you need a strong brand identity. To do so, you must first understand how your company is regarded. You may get all of the varied perspectives on your product and company by using social listening. Maintaining brand consistency is key to a strong social media presence.

For example, a cursory search of keywords related to your business is immediately helpful. You find out who the biggest brands in your industry are. You’ll be able to use their strategies alongside your own. In addition, you know what features you have that the competition doesn’t.

Improved Customer Service

Every company will have its fair share of common issues and questions.

Social listening lets you gather several FAQS directed at your business. Once gathered, it simplifies every FAQ you encounter in the future. In addition to FAQs, companies quickly deal with any feedback through social media.

Acknowledge as much customer feedback as possible. Let customers know that you saw their reaction and give satisfactory answers to their comments. Whether positive or negative, they must know they were heard. Moving ahead, this will be the foundation of your campaign marketing initiatives.

Promotional Events

Official hashtags aren’t the only way to promote your events. True, they are a great way to filter down your most active followers quickly. Still, there is a vast untapped market out there yet unfamiliar with your brand. With social listening, you use technology in marketing to find out what people think about your events.

Examples of keywords to search would be:

  • Influencers In Your Event
  • Your Product Name
  • Guest hosts
  • The venue of your event

Social listening lets you gather the information you wouldn’t otherwise. After all, an event is there to increase awareness of a product or brand. Finding out what people think of the event lets you know your next step. Otherwise, you’re advertising in the dark.

Improves Your Products

Whether you’re selling goods or services, social listening helps you figure out how to better them. In comparison to the ever-changing condition of social media, traditional polls are stagnant. Keeping track of people’s demands and needs from your items through social listening is far more reliable.

A brand that cares about its customers does not solely rely on marketing to achieve its goals. While any product can be advertised, nothing beats a product that perfectly meets customers’ demands. While branding is vital, you still need to have a competitive effect. Social listening data gives you essential insight into the reception of your offerings.

Better Marketing Campaigns

Flukes should not be used to inform campaign plans. Social listening tells you whether or not your campaign succeeded. Without this information, your efforts would be essentially guesswork. Your whole campaign approach will benefit from good listening strategies.

Social listening lets you focus on the parts of your campaign that worked. Customers are candid about what they think of your brand online. Customer sentiment is measurable in real-time by looking at your likes, comments, and shares. For example, when advertising restaurants, note which foods got more orders after a marketing campaign.


Social listening is far more than just looking through Facebook or Twitter. The critical aspect here is to weed out all the fluff and focus on the essentials. If nothing else, the biggest takeaway from this article should be looking at customer reactions closely. Please take note of patterns in their buying habits. Accept all criticism and reorient your marketing plans around them.

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