What you need to adapt your brand to the Z generation

adapt your brand to the Z generation
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Many businesses are actively coming up with new ways to evolve their brand such that it speaks to Gen Zers. But what is it about Gen Z that makes managers want to incorporate trends into marketing strategies, sometimes even at the risk of mutilating their company’s DNA? Why should you bother to adapt your brand to the Z generation?

First of all, who are Gen Zers? They are the Z Generation or Gen Z, a fast-growing population of independent and ambitious young people born after 1996. More specifically, they are people born between 1997 and 2012. In America alone, Gen Zers are over 72 million of the populace and are believed to make up the largest fraction of today’s digital market globally.

Business-related facts about Z Generation

Aside from the numerical capacity, the thing with these young and high-spirited Z generation is their craze for new media and all things “cool.” Here are some facts businesses need to know about Gen Zers.

  • In the near future, the highest percentage of buyers will be Gen Zers

According to the eMarketing journal Insider Intelligence, “Gen Z will soon become the largest cohort of consumers.” For a business looking to benefit from this market opportunity, an understanding of both their tendencies and trends that appeal to them, as well as their digital expectations, is of utmost importance.

  • The Z generation is open-minded and a majority support popular movements

The average Gen Zer is about the trends and everything in vogue. They go where the fun is and do not mind getting the attention. For them, it is about the vibes, and if it has them going viral, they don’t mind. From feminism to Black Lives Matter to transgender rights, they’re more likely to hop on the conversation compared to other age cohorts. Hence a brand looking to hook their attention needs to be vocal about popular movements.

  • With Gen Zers, the more mobile, the better

Born in a highly techy and digital era, members of the Gen Z have high digital expectations. They ask questions like “What’s a more convenient way around this or that? How can we get yada yada done faster?” For them, it’s about speed, ease, and sophistication. Not a surprise, as most of them were tweens when they got their first mobile phones.  If your business is dragging its feet or selling short on mobile friendliness, you will miss out on the future of retail.

How to make your brand appeal to the Z generation

In today’s market, a brand that is looking to stay in business must keep things fresh and adventurous. Except if you don’t make the buying process fun enough, you would lose the affection of Gen Zers. This is the hard truth. Ticking this Gen-Z-friendly box without compromising the DNA of the brand is where businesses are having the hardest time.

If you are experiencing the same difficulty, below is an outline of things you need to do to make your brand appeal to the Z generation without tampering with your brand core.

  • Get active on Gen-Z friendly social media platforms

By now, you may have already figured out that one sure way to connect with Gen Zers is through social media. The Z generation’s most preferred communication medium is the new media, but not every platform cuts it for them. Brands like Nike, Amazon, and Google successfully hooked this age cohort via TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Take a cue from them and get active on these platforms.

  • Be techy and innovation-driven

As mentioned earlier, Gen Z is made up of the most tech-savvy population, and they do have very high digital expectations. If your business is stuck in the analog mode, it can be a huge turn-off. Because they have a knack for everything ‘cool’, the techier your product or service delivery model is, the more appealing it would be to them. Come up with new features, think mobile responsiveness, add peer-to-peer (P2P) payment options, etc. Let your business establish itself as an innovative, tech-driven brand, and you will attract Gen Zers.

  • Sync with trends and actively employ social listening

That sweet spot between engaging and empathetic is where a brand utilizing social listening sits, and for the Gen Zers, it is the hot spot. Through social listening, businesses are able to keep up with industry trends, brand mentions, and relevant hashtags. There are a handful of tools, such as Mentionlytics, Audiense, and Google Alerts, which businesses can leverage. Through social listening, you would be able to twerk ongoing campaigns to include a viral expression, respond to social media mentions, and pool user-generated content for your own social media pages. This is one sure way to keep content relatable, engaging, and refreshing for Gen Z.

  • Do a case study of the most Gen-Z-friendly brands

Amazon, Netflix, Google, YouTube, Nike, and other brands have been named Gen Z’s most loved brands. What are they doing differently? What can your brand learn from their business model? The easiest way to get better at something is to closely watch those who are the best at it. You and your marketing team can study the innovative and inspiring ways by which these brands stole the hearts of Gen Zers.


Take a moment to think about how TikTok became Instagram’s biggest competitor. Clearly, the sporadic growth of TikTok is an indication that when Gen Zers are involved, they can engineer exponential growth. To get this age cohort hooked, business owners need to tap into the full potential of the open web and enhance their brand’s online presence. This can be done in partnership with third-party support from experts like Adlook, famed for delivering innovative brand visibility solutions.

Like it or not, Gen Zers are altering the dynamics of the business world. In fact, they are one of the strongest determinants of any brand’s business outcomes at the moment, and this will not change anytime soon.

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