The Best Apps and Software Tools for Your Contractor Business

The Best Apps and Software Tools
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The Best Apps and Software Tools. Working as a builder, handyman, or general contractor involves several time-consuming management tasks. You have to create estimates, calculate costs, track expenses, manage employees, administer payroll, communicate with clients, and much more. The proper equipment could make all of the difference! We’ve assembled some invaluable information on apps and software tools to help you run your business and do your job more efficiently, save time, cut costs, and keep your clients happy.


Estimating Software

Construction estimating software can help you plan projects more efficiently, save costs for your clients, and keep everything within budget. This will result in happier customers who are more likely to refer your services to others.

Look for estimating software designed for the type of work you’re doing. For example, if you’re a home builder, put this home builder software to calculate complex measurements, add local cost data to ensure your pricing is competitive, and save estimate templates from speeding up the estimating process for future projects. 

Project Management Tools

Keeping various construction projects on track can take time and effort. Good project management software makes staying on task and meeting deadlines easier. Project management software ensures your tasks and due dates are visible to everyone on your team while enabling effortless sharing of digital assets. Look for software that offers automated notifications to let you know when someone completes a task, uploads a new file, sends a private message, or creates a new project.

Accounting Software

Many general contractors don’t have the resources to hire a dedicated accountant. Thankfully, managing your business finances on your own is easy with the help of reputable accounting software. Many accounting apps are designed to work with inventory management tools to make those behind-the-scenes administrative tasks even easier. Look for accounting tools that support invoicing clients, tracking expenses, paying bills, and managing employee payroll.

Social Media Management Apps

Marketing is essential for growing your contractor business. Even if you don’t have much spare time to manage marketing projects, you can still build engagement with potential clients on social media. Constant Contact explains that social media is an excellent channel for boosting your credibility, learning more about your customers and competitors, and responding to customer inquiries. Leverage social media management tools to schedule posts in advance and monitor different social media platforms for people mentioning your brand. The right tools will help you create compelling content and engage with your customers on a deeper level.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your relationship with your customers plays a key role in the growth of your contractor business. A solid CRM system can help you maintain these valuable relationships and keep customers returning. Gestisoft explains that CRM software can help you determine the best times to send marketing messages, identify customers likely to use your services again, and allow all your employees to access critical customer information from a single platform. Plus, an excellent CRM tool can help you respond more quickly to customer service inquiries so you can lose fewer clients during the initial consultation.

Contractors like home builders are known for working long hours and having little time for administrative tasks. Thankfully, a few software tools can help you take care of everything that needs to get done behind the scenes. Leveraging these tools will help your business run smoothly, reduce your costs, and increase customer satisfaction!

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